Our primary responsibility is ensuring your safety; Solaeris has several rigorous safety audits by the top aviation safety firms in the world that test our commitment. In addition every member of our team integrate tools such as an active Safety Management System (SMS) and a Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) to each and every flight leg.

 BARS (Basic Aviation Risk Standard)

Basic Aviation Risk Standard

The BARS program meets or exceeds all the traditional standards of safety (such as ARG/US, ISBAO, and Wyvern), and is quickly being adopted by the energy sector. The BARS program can be tailored to meet the standards of individual companies. Customer specific safety requirements and an Emergency Response Plan are just a few things that sets BARS apart. While we always maintain these high safety standards, we know that simply saying we do is not enough. Solaeris Aviation is subjected to a thorough audit each year. These auditors are the agent of our customers, and are made available through the Flight Safety Foundation’s website for complete transparency. If your company is concerned with safety, consider using Solaeris Aviation. 

 ARG/US (Aviation Research Group)


For many years the Aviation Research Group United States (ARG/US) has evaluated industry best practices and passed them on to businesses that hold certification under its standard. Solaeris Aviation meets all of the requirements set forth by ARG/US. 


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Solaeris has completed all required audits  to ensure its operation and maintenance practices meet or exceed Wyvern strict standards of operation. Our fleet is continuously being monitored by Wyvern to assure personnel and background data is current and correct.  This intelligence data is available to all prospective charter buyers around the world to make informed risk-based decisions for a variety of missions.