What is Real Fractional Ownership?

It’s finally here, Real Fractional Ownership! Most fractional programs are not fractional ownership at all; they are a lease of hours from a pool of aircraft. Our fractional aircraft program is labeled Real Fractional Ownership, because we operate as if a group of owners purchased an aircraft together. This unique approach provides significant costs savings in the purchase price and much more flexibility in the operating expense. We limit the number of owners in each aircraft, and Solaeris will manage an “Equitable Rotation” scheduling system between the owners. Since we have other aircraft in our program pool certified for use, we will always be able to accommodate your flight if your aircraft is committed to another mission. Our fractional program offers our clients a total travel solution; this is the common sense way of owning an aircraft!



What are the Benefits of Real Fractional Ownership?

·        Program financials that offer a significant cost savings

·        Limited number of owners per aircraft
·        Dedicated aircraft platform, which mirrors sole aircraft ownership
·        Crew dedicated to your specific business jet (optional)
·        Program covers maintenance requirements (optional)
·        Full integration of the amazing BARS safety program (optional)
·        Crew hiring and payroll
·        Hangar for aircraft
·        Back-up aircraft